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Pop-Up Stopper

Stop the pop-up windows

     As a pop-up filter , it can Stop Internet Explorer pop-up ads windows. Automatically stop popup ads while you are surfing on the Internet. Therefore, it prevents you from disgusting pop-up windows.

    Pop-up Stopper disables or enables browsers' popup windows. You can also customize it on any individual web site.
    Pop-up Stopper allows various kinds of personalized pop-up notifications, such as a flashing icon, an alert window or sound.

Maybe you are tired of all those annoying sponsors' Pop-Up windows displayed when you visit some WEB sites. Armor2net can stop these popup windows. Click the Stop Pop-Up button to switch stopping pop-up and allowing pop-up. You can also right click Armor2net icon at the bottom right of your screen and then click the Stop Pop-Up menu item to switch. When you set stopping pop-up, all pop-up windows will be stopped except those you have had as exceptions.

Indicate Armor2net will stop all pop-up windows except those you have had as exceptions.
Indicate Armor2net won't stop any pop-up window.

Set the exceptions on stopping pop-up
If you want that the pop-up windows of some sites will still appear after you start stopping pop-up, you can have those sites as exceptions. For example, maybe the information on the pop-up window of a bank site is important to you. You may have the bank site as exception. In this way, the pop-up window of the bank site always appears whether you have started stopping pop-up or not.

Click the "I want¡­" to open the dynamic menu and then click the Set the exceptions on stopping pop-up item. The below window will show up. The pop-up windows from the sites in that list will not be stopped.

Click the Add button, the below window will appear and then enter URL or IP of the site from which you don't wish to stop the pop-up window.

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