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Net State

Monitor your net state

Armor2net shows the currently active connections and the details of these connections (Remote Address/Port, Local Application/Port, Protocol and Status). You can shut off any connection that you think is dangerous to your computer. Armor2net has the traffic indicator that shows you when traffic leaves (red) or enters (green) your computer and displays the total amount of ingoing and outgoing data. In this tab, you can add to Banned Sites List the site you wish to block.

1. View net state
Click the Net State tab and then you will see the above information.

2. Shut off one connection.
Click the Shut button at the end of one row, and the corresponding connection will be shut off.
3. Block a site
Look for the site you wish to block and then right click on the field where the Remote Address/Port column crosses the row in which that site is. The pop-up menu will appear and then select "Add to Banned Sites List" item. The site will be added to the Banned Sites List. And from now on any connection with this site will be forbidden.
4. View the details of one program.
Look for the program you wish to view and then right click on the field where the Local Application/Port column crosses the row in which that program is. The pop-up window will appear and show you the details of the program.

Armor2net Personal Firewall Download for Free Trial
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